Monday, August 3, 2015

Blogging in the Fetal Position

I thought, if I was going to get anything at all written for the blog tonight, that I might need to do it while lying in the fetal position.  But every time I tried to turn my computer sideways so I could type, it blacked out on me!  ;-)

And why, you might be wondering, was I spending so much time curled up like a baby?  Because my back hurts.  :(

The ache that began on July 23 (briefly mentioned here) has continued, much to my dismay.  The moments of each day in which my back feels relatively good are used up doing non-fetal-position-type things, like taking the boys to swimming lessons, preparing dinner for the family, doing a load of laundry, and so forth.  Unfortunately, my normal window of time used for blogging--late at night after the kids are in bed--is also the period of the day in which my back seems to hurt the worst; and as much as I try to convince myself that it's worth it to sit at the desk and type something despite the pain, I obviously haven't been very successful at persuading myself in recent days.

I'm not incredibly optimistic that anything much will change in the coming days either; but if some genius invents a way to blog while lying on one's side, I'm all ears.  ;-)
~ Shav, relaxing poolside during one of Tobin's recent swimming lessons ~

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