Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Clutter, Be Gone! {Old Cookie Cutter Box}

While Tobin was in the process of making the maple fudge that won him a blue ribbon at our county fair, I was looking for a cookie cutter he could use to make the presentation more exciting than a simple square or rectangle would do.  I reached into a drawer in my kitchen and pulled out this box...
...only to discover that it was completely empty.

Where have all the cookie cutters gone?

I remember well this box from my childhood.  It wasn't empty then.  ;-)  But now, since its contents have either broken one by one or been misplaced, I suppose it wouldn't hurt anything to get rid of the box, too!

But only after taking a picture of it and posting it to my blog.  :)

Clutter, be gone!  :)

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