Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vi-dee-dee-dee-o's for Moriah :)

One of Moriah's favorite things to do at this stage of life is watch our old homemade "vi-dee-dee-dee-o's" on my blog.  It is a regular request of hers that I get her set up at the computer with my blog (either this one or my first one); and then, after I click on the correct category for videos, she is able to navigate her way around and scroll down to find the videos, click on the right button to watch, and so forth.  She LOVES doing this!

Recently I've been hearing the same videos over and over--a subtle reminder that it's about time I post some new ones!  :)  (Well, if you consider these "new" ones...being as they are months old!)

This first one is from February 18 of this year, but I am sure Moriah won't mind the out-of-dateness of it!  :)
And this, from March 6, is slightly more recent.  :)
The rest are from March 18.

Now, at last, I'll get to hear some different background noise as I go about my household tasks, knowing that Moriah is being very happily entertained by her beloved vi-dee-dee-dee-o's!  :)

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Valerie said...

You have no idea how bummed I am that we don't have internet at our new house yet. I am limited to some dial-up speed tethering to Roger's phone... which doesn't allow for watching video's. :(