Thursday, July 30, 2015

Clutter, Be Gone! {The (In)Famous Red Sweater}

Many years ago, long before I was born, my mother started knitting a red sweater for my dad.
Life got busy, as it tends to do; and my mother cared for her four children and for her husband and for her home and for her aging parents and for her garden and for her friends.  But she never finished the sweater.
Through the years, we would occasionally tease her gently about this; and she would laugh her wonderful, cheery laugh.  I don't know at what point she realized that she would never finish this red sweater, but I do know that if I knew the first thing about knitting, I would complete this project for her.  Not having ANY experience with knitting (and not wishing to add that to my spend-time-on-this list for a very long time), I'm ready to declutter and let this go--but not before taking some pictures and typing some words about it.  :)  If my dad didn't already have a nice red sweater, I would buy him one--much easier than figuring out how to finish knitting this one!  And there's a slight chance this wouldn't fit him now anyway.  ;-)
Unless a blog reader speaks up and says, "Hey, I could really use that red yarn!" (there is more of it than is shown in these pictures), I suppose I'll drop it off at the thrift store in hopes that someone will be able to do more with it than I ever could!

Clutter, be gone!  :)


sally said...

Oh, do you still have that red yarn? And is it 100% cotton? Either way, I would love to have it! I have had to buy yarn a couple times in the last 12 months for Hannah's crafts, and making that clown hat, etc. Also, I was reading ahead on the needed items for one of my kid's science (using Apologia this year for the first time), and one of the projects calls for some 100% cotton yarn. I think all mine is a blend. From the pictures, it almost looks like it could be cotton.

Thanks for letting us know what you're about to toss so we can reach out and catch it!

Davene Grace said...

Sally, I would LOVE to pass this along to you! I honestly have no idea what kind of yarn it is, but you are a hundred times more qualified than I am to figure it out--and what's more, to use it! :) I am setting it aside for you and will gladly hand it off at the first opportunity. :)