Friday, August 21, 2015

Dreams DO Come True {Just Ask Cowboy Tobin}

If he's told us once, he's told us a hundred times: Tobin wants to ride horses.  He also wants to own them, but one thing at a time.  ;-)

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of one of Jeff's customers, Tobin got a head-start on his career as a cowboy two evenings ago when we were invited out to a gorgeous* horse farm here in the area so that Tobin could do some riding.

* Gorgeous applies equally to the horses and to the farm.  I have never seen such a clean, well-kept, beautifully-organized farm.  I was IN AWE.  :)

This is a happy boy.  An eager boy.  A slightly awestruck boy.  A my-dreams-are-coming-true boy.  :)

Our host was so careful and patient and warm and welcoming and all the other things that set a new rider's heart at ease.  :)

This dog made us laugh because of the way she jumped in water--including a horse trough--any chance she got.  Apparently she's part fish.  :)

While Tobin was riding, the rest of us were walking around admiring the farm...
...and the farm dogs...
...and the spectacular view.

And the other kids were wishing for a turn on that beauty of a horse, so when Tobin got off and our host asked if anyone else wanted to ride, there were some eager takers!  :)

Josiah looked so big, and Moriah looked so small; but despite her tiny stature, her boldness was huge, and she was so excited to get to do what the boys were doing.  :)

It gave her a little start when the horse began to walk...
...but she did great...

...and definitely seemed to enjoy herself.  :)

We ALL did.  Enjoy ourselves, that is.  And we're supremely grateful for the friends who made possible this fun, memorable evening for our family!
Tobin has a long road ahead of him before he becomes a cowboy, but he's one step closer.
And that is a very good feeling indeed!  :)

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