Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tobin Made Hay--and a Tractor to Haul It :)

If you ask Tobin what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll answer, "A cowboy or a farmer," and he has expressed that desire so long and so consistently during his seven years of life that I'm inclined to think it very likely that he will end up doing something in the field of agriculture.  Of course if he doesn't, that's just fine!  But I wouldn't be surprised if one of these years, if we want to find Tobin, we'll have to look in a milking parlor or on the seat of a tractor or--his dearly-held wish--on the back of a horse.  :)

This afternoon then, it wasn't a bit out of character for Tobin to be busily occupied, assisted by his little brother Shav and the neighbor boy Jason, with making hay on the front lawn out of grass clippings.  But as any farmer knows, you need a tractor and wagon to haul your hay, so lo and behold, Tobin made that, too.  A man boy of many talents.  :)
His hay bales were held together with masking tape, since we didn't have any baler twine handy.
Whatever works, right?  :)
Tobin made cardboard wheels for his tractor, then got some screws and a screwdriver out of his very own toolbox to attach the wheels to the tractor.
By the way, here's a tip for other parents: a toolbox to call his own and a set of tools in it is a fantastic gift for a boy...and, I assume, for a girl, too, but we haven't given Moriah one yet.  I'm a little afraid of what a three-year-old might do with a hammer.  ;-)  But we have given one to each of our sons, either for Christmas or a birthday, and they have each in turn been completely thrilled with it.  And the cherry on top is that sometimes, Jeff will say to one of them, "Could you bring me your pliers/wrench/drill/whatever and help me with this project?"  You should see them beam when he does that.  :)
When I was taking these pictures of Tobin, his younger siblings were begging to be included in a picture so he kindly allowed them that privilege.  :)  I think Shav was a Jedi at the moment?  ;-)
Well, enough picture-taking for this young farmer.  Back to work he goes.  That hay isn't going to just make itself, you know!!  ;-)

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bekahcubed said...

He's a resoureful fellow - just like a good farmer ought to be.

I had a brother who wanted to be a farmer until sometime in his late-preteen years when my grandpa took him along while they "worked" cattle (made young bull-calves into steers). That was the end of that particular ambition!