Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We Have Winners!

In his first ever year of entering something in the fair, Shav came away a winner!!
 His chocolate-covered coconut candy won third place, and I am THRILLED that he was rewarded for his efforts this first time out!  :)
David got a third-place ribbon, too...
 ...for his chocolate truffles!  :)
And Tobin, with his heart-shaped maple fudge...
 ...won blue!!  :)
Shav did not, however, win a ribbon for the tomatoes he grew...
...but no wonder, since the age category for that was 19 years and under, and there were over 20 entries in that category.  I asked him if he was disappointed, and he assured me that he wasn't.  :)

The other non-winner was Josiah who made forgotten cookies, one of my favorite treats.  Ironically, on Monday evening, when Jeff sampled each of the four desserts the boys made to enter in the fair, he, not knowing which boy made which dessert, awarded first place to the forgotten cookies and last place to the maple fudge!  If I had uttered my judgement, which I didn't, I would have given the forgotten cookies second place.

I guess it just goes to show that the judges don't know what they're doing.  ;-)

I mean, I guess it just goes to show that Jeff and I don't know what we're doing!  :)

No, really, I mean that I guess it just goes to show that there is a certain amount of subjectivity in the judgment of baked goods!!!  :)

Regardless of the ribbons or lack thereof, I am SO PROUD of my boys for not only doing the work of making the treats, but more importantly, keeping great attitudes no matter what the outcome of the competition.

In my book, they're all winners through and through!  :)

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