Wednesday, August 26, 2015

She's Still the Baby

For a little while longer--and only God knows how little or how long that amount of time really is!--Moriah is still the baby of our family.  And although she is more than eager to leap into her role as big sister, she still has a little bit of baby left in her.   :)

Like the way she LOVES to snuggle with her daddy.  :)
This afternoon, after Jeff and the kids got home from a little excursion to Riven Rock Park, I got her ready for her nap but allowed her the privilege of going downstairs to cuddle with Daddy for a little bit--or, in Moriah's words, which I think are so cute, "a yeedle bit."  It wasn't long at all until I found her like this.  She was OUT--so much so that the fingers she sucks on had slipped out of her mouth, leaving her sweet mouth wide open.
Guess what?  She got to stay here for her whole nap.  :)

Tonight as I was giving her a bath, I thought, "She is so beautiful."

Whether she's a little baby, a big sister, or a middle-aged woman, she will ALWAYS be beautiful to me!  :)


Lindsay said...

I got to see your beautiful family at Riven Rock yesterday!! It was the first time we had been and it is beautiful! I think VHE should do something out there!!! I hope you had a chance to rest while they were out and about!

Davene Grace said...

They told me they saw you! Wish I had been there, too!! :)

Yes, it is beautiful; I'm so glad you got to go. And yes, I totally agree about VHE. Think you can make that happen?? ;-)

Actually, while everyone was gone, I was busy working here at home. Some household organization/cleaning projects are just easier without additional "help," you know? ;-) I did take a nap later in the day though. :)