Friday, August 14, 2015

It's Still Summer in Our Little World

Seems like much of the content I see on social media these days is fall-related: back-to-school this-and-that (nothing wrong with that--it'll be me and my kids pretty soon!) and lots of I-can't-wait-for-pumpkin-flavored-everything comments.

But today was a chance for me to still savor summer, and I wasn't the only one.  My youngest three decided that setting up the sprinkler and playing in it was the perfect late-afternoon activity.  :)
It still looks like summer to me!  :)
I didn't take any pictures later in the day; but after supper, we went outside, played on the big swings, watched a small ultralight aircraft of some sort in the sky, noticed a huge flock of birds and admired their murmuration, saw another small plane wing its way across our sky, hoped that neither of the aircraft would collide with each other or the birds (they didn't) ;-), and happily lingered outside until nearly dark.

Soon enough, cool air will chase us indoors; and that will be OK, too, for there is beauty in each season.  But for now, I'm not at all eager to give up on summer, so we'll keep going barefoot and eating popsicles and pretending that fall isn't right around the corner.  :)

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