Thursday, July 16, 2015

We Needed a New Family Portrait

How kind of Shav to draw one for us yesterday afternoon!  :)
True, he did sign his name backwards and, what's worse, completely omitted any representation of his little baby brother.
But since I've generally been feeling rather elephantine recently (and especially when I happen to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or see my own shadow), I didn't mind being depicted as a stick figure for once.  ;-)
Well, I was so inspired by Shav's portrayal of our family that I decided to do my own style of family portraiture.  I walked around with my camera in hand and paused to snap a picture whenever I spotted a family member.  I'm better at that than I am at drawing.  ;-)
 I found David on the couch, engrossed in a book, Ghosts of the 20th Century (which has more to do with history and not really anything to do with ghosts, but hey, it's a catchy title).
Josiah was nearby...
 ...drawing a map of the world, ambitious soul that he is!
 Jeff was in the kitchen, using tomatoes and onions and hot peppers from the garden to make salsa to can...
 ...and he was assisted by Tobin and Shav, who took great delight in sending tomatoes and onions down the chute into the food processor to be smashed to smithereens.
 Going upstairs, I found Moriah...
 ...and then decided, after my exhausting day on Tuesday, that I would imitate my little daughter and catch some sleep while I could.  But first, I had to somehow capture our littlest baby in a photograph.  :)
 Then I stretched out and read for an hour.
Ha ha ha ha ha, that is so funny.  I could never stay awake reading in bed for an hour!  I read maybe five minutes max, then drifted off and enjoyed one of the nicest naps I've had in a long time.

And that, in a nutshell, is a portrait of my family on an ordinary but wonderful Wednesday afternoon in July of 2015!  :)

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