Monday, July 20, 2015

Six Looks Good on Him

Six is a good number for us this year.  :)

But more than just the birth of our sixth child, there's another reason to love the number six.

This guy.  :)
 Today we joyfully celebrated Shav's sixth birthday; and to mark the occasion, I wanted some pictures of just him and me together.  I asked Josiah to be our photographer, and we went out to sit on our front steps.  Shav thought the sun was pretty bright, so I told him to look down until Josiah was ready, and then we would look up right when he snapped the picture.  We obviously didn't look up in time, so this next picture makes us look either sad or deep in a serious conversation--neither of which was true.  ;-)
 Shav wanted to do some silly pictures, and he emphasized that he wanted ME to be doing something silly, too.
 You can't go wrong with bunny ears, right?  ;-)
 Oh, I love this dear boy so much!!!

We happily gave Shav gifts this evening; but the real gift of this birthday is that, for six marvelous years, we have had the privilege of having this beam of sunshine, this fountain of affection, in our home.

Happy birthday, dearest Shavi!  Thank you for the gift of YOU!!!  :)

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