Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Sign Says "Welcome," But...

 ...based on the array of weapons leaning on that door, "Enter at your own risk" might be a more accurate greeting to hang on it!  ;-)
 Fortunately, our guests this afternoon were of the intrepid sort...
 ...and didn't get scared away so easily.
 In fact, although I have no photographic proof, I'll verify that their kids and ours went out--in the rain--to have a light saber battle in the yard.
 See what I mean?  INTREPID.  ;-)
 The best part of their visit, in Moriah's opinion, was that they brought their kids along, including their two youngest DAUGHTERS!
 Moriah was loving the girl time!!  :)
 And they're all such girly girls.  So prim and proper.  ;-)
 After their time on the trampoline, they did play with dolls for a while.  :)
It was a JOY to have Chris and Misty and their kids, who used to live so close to us but now live far away, back in our home again.
 For them, we'll always hang out the "welcome" sign!
And probably surround it with light sabers, too.  ;-)

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Drea said...

The light sabers is a visual I see all to often :)