Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Set for Each of Them

Between dealing with our internet's unpredictability (in essence, it works when it wants to, which doesn't exactly correlate to when I want it to work!) and a recurring backache that started when I stood at my kitchen sink two days ago and prepared some fresh green beans for our supper (a backache that is, by the way, not helped in any way, shape, or form by sitting at our computer desk), I haven't been spending much time online.  

I'm not going to tonight either.

But before I drop back into internet silence (and go try to find a comfortable position for my back), here is a tiny snippet from today.

David, Tobin, and Shav all had money to spend; so when we went to the store for some other items, they all took their wallets, perused nearly all the items in the toy section, and decided to each get a small LEGO set.
Thank God for our patient check-out girl who waited as they each, in turn, dug in their wallets to get the right amount of money as they paid individually for their purchases--good, real-life training in how to manage money, but probably rather tedious for the cashier.  :)
The early part of the afternoon was lovely and peaceful as they opened their packages and began to assemble their sets, the younger ones occasionally needing help from David to get the pieces together just right.  And then when they were done, they each wanted to show me their completed project and all the special features about each one.

I'm grateful that, when they have spending money, they often choose to use it for LEGO sets; surely the part of their brains that is used for following intricate directions and putting things together and then playing creatively with the results is well-exercised!  :)  I'm also grateful that today, each of these three boys got to have a brand new set, rather than simply watching a brother put his new set together and wishing for one of his own!  ;-)

And now, to go find some relief for my aching back...

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