Saturday, July 11, 2015

Anything Can Be a Love Letter

Years ago, when Jeff and I were first getting to know each other while students in Jerusalem, he would sometimes unwrap a piece of gum, presumably chew it ;-), then use the empty wrapper to write a love note for me.  When he handed me what looked like a piece of gum, it was actually a tiny love letter.  Sneaky, isn't he?  ;-)

Not too long ago, I told my kids about that; and now, it's not uncommon for Tobin and Shav to scribble a little love note on the wrapper when they have a piece of gum, and then hand it to me.  They're learning from the best when it comes to romance, I tell ya!  ;-)

Recently, when I was cleaning off the porch, I found another...ahem...unusual love note.  On a piece of plastic cut from a storage box, one of the boys (Tobin or Shav, I'm guessing) had drawn a heart with a design in it, and over the top had written "i ♥ u. i ♥ u. i ♥ mom".
I am loved.  I am blessed.  :)

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Homeschool on the Croft said...

Aww, Davene, that is SO precious! Really and truly, they are learning from the BEST kind of love
Anne x