Thursday, July 2, 2015

All the Places at the Table...

...were filled again this evening, now that Josiah is back from his trip.  :)  How sweet it was to have every seat occupied!
David asked me, as we were standing in the parking lot watching the bus roll in and the choristers begin to get off, if I was going to cry.  I told him no and thought pretty confidently that I was telling the truth.  But then when Josiah came around the corner of the bus and I saw my other four children scream "JOSIAH!" and run headlong towards him in their joy, my eyes got a little moist.  That doesn't count as real crying, does it?  ;-)

I'm sure Josiah must have been exhausted tonight, but he was such a good sport.  He answered about a million questions and graciously immersed himself again in our lots-of-little-people-who-are-sometimes-silly environment.  

While he was away, the other boys had gotten out our old beyblades and started playing with them again; and David was so excited to show Josiah a new fancy beyblade that he bought for himself at the dollar store, of all places.  Almost as soon as Josiah walked in the door, he sat himself down and started playing with his younger brothers, bringing such delight to their hearts.

He is an adored son and adored big brother, and we are all so very happy that he is home again!!!!!  :)


Valerie said...

Ok, so I cried just reading about him coming home. I can blame pregnancy hormones, right?

Glad y'all are under the same roof again! :)

sally said...

You sure have a wonderful family. So glad Josiah is home and you can see he's alive whenever you want to and don't have to wonder! ;)