Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dreams {The Barn Quilt Kind} Do Come True!

I've already written the first part of the story in this drawn-out tale of how I got my barn quilt.  But here, at last, is the final chapter.  :)

Wednesday, Jeff's day off, gave us an afternoon that was beautiful--sunny and warm--perfect for being outside and getting things accomplished.  Jeff, the hero of this story, chose to spend part of his afternoon, when he could have been doing so many other things, finishing this barn quilt project: first, by overseeing the application of sealant to both sides of it to (hopefully) protect it against water damage and extend its life, and second, by hanging it on the north-facing side of our woodshed.

I was thrilled--THRILLED!!!--to watch this happen.

 Of course, the kids wanted to watch, too--such an exciting event!

I'm grateful to have this picture because it reminds me that, although the barn quilt is made out of a piece of wood and some paint...'s really LOVE that made it.  Jeff showed me love every step of the way by not only agreeing to my plan, but also doing virtually all of the work for this!  ;-)

And the love I have for him?  Well, it's even more than the love I have for this barn quilt!

Way, WAY more!!!  :)

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Bekahcubed said...

Gorgeous. And, yes, it's the love that makes it most so.