Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Beauty Picks Beauty

Ever since the spring of 2012, when Moriah came into the world, she redefined beauty for me; and in my eyes, she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  To me, she is beauty--but not only that.  She also finds, creates, appreciates, and shares beauty.

Today, that all happened in my front flowerbed.  :)
 For a few days, Moriah has been eyeing the tiny little purple crocus blossoms that have peeked out; but since there are so few of them, I had asked her to not pick them but instead wait until the daffodils started to bloom, since we have an abundance of them and her picking some wouldn't strip all the color from that flowerbed.
 Well, they started to bloom.  :)
 And Moriah, after asking permission, got to work.  :)
 I got a vase for her, showed her how to cut the stalks low to the ground so they would be tall enough to fit nicely in the vase, and suggested that she include some leaves as well as the flowers...and then I let her have at it.
 After she filled one vase, she asked for another.
 After she filled that one, she wasn't done yet.
So I got a jar from the cellar and told her she could put a bouquet in that to take to our dear neighbor, Barbara.  :)
 The daffodils, with their captured sunshine and cheerful promise of warmer days ahead, are lovely.
 She is lovelier still.
To me, she always will be.

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Sally said...

She is so precious! Great pictures!