Thursday, March 2, 2017

Not Even One Good Snow

I am looking forward to posting more--hopefully soon--about Josiah's speech and debate tournament in Black Mountain; but since I don't have enough time for that tonight, here's a short little snippet of daily life.  :)

In years to come, when we think back to the winter of 2017, I hope we remember lots of joyful times and sweet moments.  But I'm afraid what will really stand out in our memories is that, to the great sorrow of the Fisher children (and perhaps the Fisher parents, too?), we didn't even have one good snow.

I'm of the persuasion that, if it's going to be cold, we might as well have snow along with it; and I can't imagine having a winter with TOO MUCH SNOW.  This one, without a single significant snowstorm, was really quite disappointing!!

I realize, of course, that in the past, we have had snows in March...and in April...and even in May.  It could happen like that this year, too!  But as each day passes, we're losing hope that we'll get to enjoy even a few inches of the white stuff that brings us such delight.  And, although we would still rejoice in a good snowstorm, we also fear for the fruit trees--especially the cherries and the peaches--that have already begun to put out blossoms.  Last year, the local crop was destroyed by a late frost; and we're on pins and needles to see if that happens again this year (a minor inconvenience to us--a huge financial blow to orchard owners).  If we could somehow save them by relinquishing our desire for snow, we would surely do that!

I have a conviction--not perfectly attained, but something I strive towards--to not complain about anything, NOT EVEN THE WEATHER.  And so, I'm not complaining, simply expressing one facet of our experiences during the winter of 2017.  I mean, who could complain about seeing a hint of real green in the grass on March 1?  And who could be unhappy at the sight of a barefoot, shorts-wearing boy giving his littlest brother an underdog on the swings yesterday?

I mean, really, there is NOTHING to complain about!  :)

But we've already let our wishes be known with the weather authority that we surely would like the winter of 2018 to include an abundance of snow!!!  :)

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Emily said...

I think we have gotten all of your snow. We have had so much! And are expected to get hit again this weekend. Normally we get maybe 1 to 2 days of snow and it turns to rain by the end of the day. This year we just keep getting hit again and again and again. And it is sticking around too. We are certainly not prepared for this year.