Saturday, April 1, 2017


I woke up this morning with an extra dose of joy and anticipation: "It's my birthday!"  The day was so beautiful from the very beginning that I couldn't help but start to count my blessings.  This isn't an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, but it highlights some of the things that stood out to me about this day.

Things like...

~ blue sky
~ sunshine
~ puffy clouds
~ green grass
~ yellow daffodils
~ a leisurely walk through the downtown farmer's market which resulted in...
~ rosemary breadsticks for breakfast
~ my dad calling to tell me happy birthday
~ my sister as well as a long-time family friend (who remembers my mom calling her when I was born to tell her the good news) also calling (unfortunately, when I wasn't here) and leaving birthday messages for me
~ the neighbor boy bringing me a card and gift (a shelf he made)
~ friends leaving happy birthday greetings on my Facebook page throughout the day, putting a smile on my face as I checked in and saw new messages
~hanging out on the trampoline with my younger three kids while the older three were at a dress rehearsal for their concert tonight
~ flowers being delivered to me--these flowers, from Jeff...SO gorgeous and thoughtful
~ numerous cards (most were homemade from Tobin, Shav, and Moriah) :) from dearly loved family and friends that had very meaningful messages, some of which made me cry (of course)
~ gifts from Jeff that I had asked for and was thrilled to receive (a certain kind of lotion, some stuff for the kitchen) and a sweet surprise gift from him (a bag of Lifesaver candies) that made me cry (and made my kids wonder what in the world was wrong with my head, because Lifesavers?!?! how is that tear-worthy?)  :)
~ a quick supper at home of spaghetti and grape pie with all 9 of us together (Jeff had offered to take us out for dinner, but I didn't want to because it felt like it would have been too hectic because...)
~ the Shenandoah Valley Children's Choir just happened to have a concert on my birthday, giving me the gift of glorious music and the joy of watching my oldest three children perform...I loved every bit of it
~ life and health and strength
~ my home and all the possessions we have that help us and bring us joy
~ memories of fun and meaningful times in the past
~ hope for the future
~ Benjamin
~ Moriah
~ Shav
~ Tobin
~ David
~ Josiah
~ Jeff
~ the Source of it all

How can I express sufficient thanks to God for the gift of these 41 years?

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