Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tobin's New Big Project

From a very young age, Tobin showed a noticeable interest in animals and the outdoors; and in recent years, he has become Jeff's right-hand man in the garden, so when we were contemplating what to do what the patch of ground that used to be our chicken yard (now that we've retired from the chicken "business"!) ;-), it didn't take us too long to decide to let Tobin use it as his own garden plot.  He has been SO excited about it.  :)

Last Wednesday, he and Jeff did quite a bit of work in it: removing old fences and assorted other boards/wires, cutting down a tree that had grown up through the years and would have blocked too much sunlight, and preparing the soil.

The very next morning, Tobin was out there bright and early.  The first thing he planted?  Onions.  :)  

He planted one full row on Thursday, and the next day when he went out to work in his garden, he checked it carefully for weeds (I'm not sure how he could have found any to pull yet! but that will change in the future), then planted another full row of onions before watering it all carefully.  And then he lamented that he didn't have more to do in his garden!  ;-)

I'm delighted to have a son who is so interested in the worthwhile pursuit of growing things in one's own land...and very grateful that he has a daddy who has inspired and assisted him!  :)

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