Tuesday, March 21, 2017

David Is Kind

It wasn't as if David woke up on Tuesday a week ago filled to the tips of his toes with anticipation of making a snowman.

But someone else did.  :)
Before Moriah had gone to bed last Monday night, the snow had started, and it was gonna be a big one.  I had assured her that, if we got a measurable snowfall like the forecast was calling for and if it was the right kind of snow and could pack, she could make a snowman...and she was delighted.

Tuesday dawned; and, although we didn't get as much snow as we were hoping for, there was enough snow for a snowman--and it was the right kind.  The only problem was, I couldn't get out there and help her build it until the afternoon when Benjamin would be napping.  But who wants to wait that long to build a snowman?  :)

David to the rescue!  When I asked him (Tobin and Shav were already off at the neighbors' house, trying out their sledding hill) if he would be willing to help Moriah with her snowman, he readily agreed, so after Moriah blew some bubbles to see if they would freeze (they didn't...the temperature was actually above freezing at this point)...
...and after David...

...and Josiah shoveled off the sidewalks at Grandpa's house and ours...

...David and Moriah got to work.

Peeking out the window at them warmed my heart each time as I watched their snowman grow.
Snowgirl, I guess, since she turned out to be a Lucy.  :)

Shav wandered over at one point and ended up in a picture...
...but it was definitely David and Moriah's project.
Lucy melted a few days later when our spring-like temperatures returned...
...but I melted before that.  As soon as I saw Moriah's joy...
...as she went up to and embraced her snowgirl, I was a puddle on the floor.
Even when David rolled away, Moriah stayed faithfully with Lucy...
...and enjoyed her companionship.  Dreams--the snowman-building kind, at least--do come true.  :)
And this one came true because of David and his kindness.  He could have said, "Aw, Mom, do I have to help her build a snowman?"  But because of his kind nature, he set aside his own plans and desires to bring joy--and such joy it was!--to his little sister's heart.


I can't remember if it was that night or the next, but one of those evenings found me reaaaallllllllyyyyyyy dragging, and I ended up having a Collapse Night.  I didn't even make it up the steps to tuck the kids in bed, but instead dispensed hugs and kisses from my horizontal position on the couch by the woodstove before they trudged up the steps without me.  I was probably asleep before they even reached the top of the stairs.

Some hours later, I awoke and discovered that the living room was in a very different condition than it had been when my eyes had slammed shut.

And then I discovered this note on the coffee table.
Ah, sweet, beloved David!  His kindness and thoughtfulness moved my heart and encouraged my soul.


Fridays are David's normal day to go to the barbershop to sweep up hair for the barbers and do other little odd jobs around the shop, but last Friday was the day I was hosting a gathering for a friend from Israel and his friends from here in Virginia.  I gave David the option of either going to the barbershop or staying at home to be part of the get-together (and meet a real live person from David's birth country!).  ;-)  David went back and forth about what to do, not wanting to disappoint the people at the shop who count on him to come every Friday but also wanting to be part of the fellowship here at home.  After much deliberation, he decided to stay at home; and only then did I feel free to let him know how glad I was of his decision (I had really wanted it to be his decision) because I sure could use his help!!  ;-)  People were coming over in the afternoon when Benjamin would be napping, so it wouldn't be hard to fill the hostess role then; but the morning, when I needed to prepare, would be a different story.  "Could you please play with Benjamin so I can work?" I asked David.

He assured me that he would be glad to do just that, and he did, too--for several hours--giving me time to make the preparations that I wanted to do and leaving me relaxed and ready by early afternoon.  I could hear Benjamin's laugh ring out periodically as he played with David, and I knew David's kindness was bringing great joy to his littlest brother, as it also was to me.


David is such a people person, loving deeply and wholeheartedly.

And David is...well...David is kind!!

Be kind to one another...
Ephesians 4:32

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