Sunday, March 19, 2017

Apparently I'm Not Very Good at Saying Hello Either!

It's been 11 days since I posted this and mournfully said goodbye to half my family to take the other half to a speech and debate tournament in North Carolina.  11 days.  I wasn't gone nearly that whole time, but somehow didn't find the time--or mental energy, maybe?--to reconnect on the blog until now.  It would appear that sometimes, in this virtual world, "hello" is as difficult for me as "goodbye."  ;-)

In real life, the older three boys and I were happily driving north at exactly this time one week ago.  We joyfully reunited with the family here, then dove straight into a busy week.  Highlights included the last week for this school year of Shav's Explorers II class with the SVCC (actually, his last Explorers class ever, since in the fall, we expect he will have moved up to Prep Choir...if he gets in, that is)  ;-)...our biggest snowfall of the winter, right at the tail end of it, which brought much excitement to the household...David's normal gymnastics class...Josiah's normal biology class, for which he needed to do quite a bit of studying this week, since he has missed some weeks for tournaments and needed to make up the work...a gathering of friends, old and new, here in our home in honor of a friend from Israel, Mordechai...a talent show with our homeschool group in which Josiah did one of his interpretative speeches and he and the rest of the kids did a Rubik's cube demonstration...and a Sunday morning service in which Jeff preached and I, along with Josiah and David, led the music.  That, along with the normal work of keeping a household going, seems like plenty to fill up a week, right?  ;-)

Oh, but there was something else.  Jeff and I, along with our watchful chaperone Benjamin, got to sneak away for a wonderful date last evening to a neat, new-to-us Japanese restaurant...
...while Moriah watched a movie and the older boys finally got the chance to play a full, five-hour game of Monopoly, which Shav won, accumulating a huge fluffy pile of money along the way.
So there you go--an extended explanation of my most recent absence, which is really just my way of saying...


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