Sunday, July 24, 2016

When You Love a Baby...

...nearly everything he does is precious.  Even the simplest of activities, like swinging at the park, has unspeakable value.  Why?  BECAUSE IT'S YOUR BABY.  :)
And watching him do something as mundane as opening and closing a toy laptop draws a crowd.  Why?  Because his delight in learning a new skill becomes the delight of the whole family.  :)

Also when you love a baby, it's fun to take selfies with him; and then later when you're looking at them to decide which one to include in a blog post, you end up using them all.  Why?  Because each of his expressions is so adorable in your eyes that you can't imagine leaving one out.  Even the goofy one.  :)

I sure do love you, baby boy!!!!!!

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sally said...

Benjamin's face is so expressive!