Monday, July 4, 2016

Let Me Count the Ways, Vol. 5 {Anniversary Edition}

More than two years ago, I started a series that is very important to me; but since then, I've only added to it a handful of times.  (Volume 2...then 3...then 4...and that's all. Til now.)  :)  Our 19th anniversary, which we celebrated last month, is a fitting occasion to add to this list that is precious to me.  :)
 30. Sunday mornings are almost always a busy, rushed time for me; and I rarely never make time to sit down to eat breakfast.  But I don't do well if I don't eat something in the morning, so I usually grab a bite to eat as I'm running out the door to jump in the van.  One Sunday morning a little while back, I spotted a bag on the table--a bag that I had not put there.  Turns out that it included apple slices and some cheese, and Jeff had prepared it for me.  :) His thoughtfulness made me feel so loved!
31. Recently I was having trouble understanding the actions of one of the males in our family (and frankly, it was driving me a little bit nuts), but Jeff was able to cut to the heart of what was going on and explain to me the motivation behind those actions.  After he shared his insight with me, it all made perfect sense; and it was much easier for me to be patient and supportive with the individual involved.
32. For my birthday way back in 2008, Jeff gave me a swing, and we have gotten lots and lots of enjoyment out of it through the years.  But by the end of last summer, the canvas that stretches over the frame and holds the cushions was starting to tear--so much so that I didn't sit on it any longer for fear it would give way entirely with me on it!  ;-)  I wondered if it might be time to just get rid of the whole thing, but Jeff thought he could fix it up, so last Wednesday, he and Josiah went to Home Depot and got some boards and probably some other supplies, but don't ask me what.  :)  That afternoon, while I took the kids to Tobin's riding lesson, Jeff got to work and was able to accomplish his goal of getting rid of the old torn canvas and affixing the boards to the frame of the swing to make it usable again.  I am THRILLED; and several evenings since then, I've taken Benjamin out to that swing and have savored the security of knowing I won't end up on the ground!!  ;-)  Besides the swing project, Jeff also put up the hook for the flower pot, and he replaced a broken string for the wind chimes in Benjamin's room.  I know it's not exactly fun to do the home-improvement or fix-it projects that I ask Jeff to help me with, but oh, do I feel cherished when he loves me in this way!  :)
33. One thing you may not know about Jeff is that he's been reading the Bible--the entire Bible--every month.  He did it for the first time last December and has done it every month since then.  You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.  ;-)  I include it on this list, not because he's doing it specifically because he loves me, but because as he grows in his relationship with God, the side effect of that is growth in his relationship with me and our children and others as well.  The first key to making me feel passionately and committedly loved is passionately and committedly loving God, and Jeff is excelling in that area!
34. Another thing you probably don't know about Jeff is that he injured his right arm a while back (several months ago maybe? I'm not sure) while moving some concrete blocks under the horse trough in our pasture, and he has endured quite a bit of pain since then.  But regardless, Jeff goes to work, uses his arms--both of them--to cut hair (a one-armed barber is just about as effective as a one-armed paper hanger, I think!), uses his arms to do many other tasks around the home and in the garden, and doesn't complain.  I can tell sometimes that it's really bothering him, but he doesn't shirk his duties; instead, he continues to provide for us faithfully and uncomplainingly.
35. Jeff was given the honor of preaching for our congregation two times in June; and during his sermon on Father's Day, he spoke highly of me which was very kind.  Words of affirmation are always appreciated by me, but public words of affirmation are a special category.  :)
36. Jeff is definitely my favorite person to spend time with, and one of the reasons is the fun we have together.  Take, for instance, something that happened last Tuesday.  Jeff and I had gone out that evening, and I had told the kids they could have ice cream for dessert.  Much later, after we were home and the kids were all in bed, I wanted to have a Klondike bar; I had gotten them at the store not too long before this day and was REALLY looking forward to eating one.  I looked in the freezer in the kitchen but couldn't find them.  I went down to the garage and looked in the upright freezer; they weren't there.  I looked in the chest freezer; no Klondike bars.  I thought, "Well, the kids must have eaten all of them!  I suppose that's OK--I mean, I DID tell them they could have ice cream.  But I sort of thought they might choose the other kinds of ice cream we have.  Oh well, this shouldn't be a big deal for me, but I AM disappointed!"  I looked in the trash cans to see if the wrappers were there which would confirm my suspicion that the kids had eaten them, but then I was puzzled because I didn't see a single wrapper in the trash!  What could have happened to those Klondike bars???  Meanwhile, Jeff was sitting in the living room doing something on the computer, and he finally piped up and asked, "What are you doing?"  I told him that I had been planning to have a Klondike bar but I couldn't find them, and then he said, "Did you look in the box of Hot Pockets?"  That man boy had hidden my Klondike bars in the Hot Pockets box, then sat back and snickered while I went all over the house looking for them!!!  Oh my, I just had to laugh and laugh, especially when I thought about how ridiculous I had been in my search for them...and all the while, Jeff knew.  :)  Through the years, Jeff has been careful about how he teases me (sometimes I'm a little too sensitive--imagine that!); but that joke he played on me cracked me up and continues to put a smile on my face every time I think of it.  :)
37. On our anniversary, I surprised Jeff by lining up a babysitter and walking into the barbershop at the end of the day and announcing that we were going out for dinner.  During that meal, we talked a lot about the future, especially in regards to our children; and when discussing our sons' future wives, Jeff said touchingly, "I wish they would marry someone like you."  Well, I am quite sure my sons' wives will surpass me in many areas, and that's a good thing!  My boys may, in fact, marry women very unlike me, and that's just fine, too.  But it sure melted my heart to hear their daddy say that.  :)

38. The pictures in this post, by the way, are from our anniversary.  The evening before, Jeff had taken all the kids except Josiah and Benjamin so that I could go to a choir meeting for Josiah; and while they were out, they dropped by the store to pick up a few special gifts for me: some gorgeous tulips, delicious coffee yogurt, cheerful balloons (some of them are visible in the fifth picture in this post, the one in which Josiah is teaching Tobin how to solve a Rubik's Cube), a whole pile of some of my favorite kinds of candy, and a new candle (that Tobin chose).  The last three pictures show the roses that Tobin picked and put in a vase for me on the morning of our anniversary; he's learning from a great example!  :)  Not only did I feel loved because Jeff gave me gifts, but more so because they were thoughtful gifts.  He knows me.  He knows that tulips are a special flower for me.  He knows that food is my sixth love language.  ;-)  He knows what kinds of candy I especially like.

I am known, and I am loved.  What a sweet, sweet feeling that is.

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