Friday, July 1, 2016

My Newest Bright Spot

When Jeff took Josiah out for their breakfast together last Wednesday, I had a special request for something to be added to his shopping list: a hook that could be put up by the front door so I could hang a pot of flowers from it.  :)
 Jeff agreed; and when he returned from shopping, he had a hook.  Not only that, but he also put it up the same day...and I felt loved.  :)
 The next day, I went by a nearby greenhouse to see if they had any hanging baskets of flowers for sale; but they had none.  In fact, nearly all of their inventory was sold.  Good for them, sad for me.
 And so, this morning, while I was in town to take my dad to an eye appointment, Moriah and Benjamin and I popped into Walmart and popped back out with a bit of beauty.
It's slightly ridiculous how cheerful this spot of color makes me; but in this case, I don't mind being ridiculous.  I'm too happy to care.  :)

It's the little things...  :)

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