Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Big Day for My Dad

Josiah isn't the only one who's been experiencing momentous occasions this week!  My dad walked into my kitchen for supper tonight and saw that the Celebrate plate was set at his place.  When he inquired about the reason, I answered, "Well, you did get a new car, and that's not something that happens every day."  Pause.  "Or every year."

Then Shav piped up, "That's not something that happens every decade!"

And we laughed because it's true.  It's been well over 10 years since my dad bought a car.  He's the man whose midlife crisis consisted of, not running out and purchasing a snazzy little red sports car, but instead, getting a headlight for his riding mower so he could mow after dark.  ;-)  Needless to say, buying cars is not an activity in which my father normally indulges!

But this week, he did.

His old Chrysler (a 1997, which was a very good year, by the way...if a marriage begun in '97 can last through thick and thin, so can a car, I guess! maybe? maybe not!) was giving him some trouble from time to time, so he began looking for something more reliable.  After investigating several possibilities, he ended up finding his new car pretty close to home.  His sister-in-law's parents were selling their car, which was much newer than a '97 and had much lower mileage than his Chrysler.

So the deal was done, and now we have to get used to seeing a different car at his house.  :)

 My kids have commented on how sporty and modern it is; they think it's funny to see their grandpa drive something like this!  Ah, but they never saw how cool he looked while driving his mower with a headlight.  ;-)

While I was walking down this evening to snap these pictures of Dad and his new car, we spotted a rainbow in the sky.
I'm not sure that the sign of God's promise to never again flood the entire earth is any sort of special blessing for Dad's new car, but I'll be happy to take it as such!  :)

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