Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lake Day!

I live in an amazingly beautiful part of the world; but yet (as is true for so many of us, no matter where we live), I haven't taken full advantage of my surroundings and explored many of the scenic spots that are relatively close by.

Today was a day to remedy that slightly.  :)

We were invited, along with the other members of Josiah's speech and debate club, to enjoy the day at Sherando Lake; and despite my initial reluctance when I read the invitation ("how will I handle six kids all by myself at a lake? it's all unfamiliar to me! I don't even really know where Sherando Lake is!" etc.), we all ended up having a fantastic time.  

On the way home, some of the kids were describing what their favorite part of the day was; and I deliberated, then decided that what I liked best was sitting in the shallow water at the edge of the lake, Benjamin on my lap happily splashing in the water, Tobin and Shav and Moriah either playing in the sand behind me or in the roped-off shallow area in front of me, Josiah and David off in the distance (sometimes jumping off a rock on the island into the lake) with the speech and debate folks.  In those moments, I just wanted to soak in the specialness of this phase of life, this stage of parenting, and this very wonderful day.  :) 

I didn't take my good camera along, but I did snap a few pics with my cellphone.  (I've been doing that more and more recently, it seems!)

It didn't take the kids and I long to decide that we are eager to return!  And this time, we want to take Jeff with us.  :)


Amy Wampole said...

We love it there. There is something for all ages!

Carol Slater said...

This looks like a fun day! I find myself postponing things because I am not sure I can do it with my grand doll tagging along. I need to rely on my ability and just do it.

sally said...

That looks like a perfect spot! I hope there weren't many mosquitoes there!