Friday, July 1, 2016

The Good Kind of Pride

One of the good things about being the youngest of six children is that, besides Mom and Dad who are Baby's Biggest Fans, there are also five other people who function as huge cheerleaders for whatever new thing the littlest member of the household achieves.
 So it was yesterday: David was entertaining Benjamin in his room while I was working in the kitchen, and then I heard David call.  "Mom, come up here!  You've GOT to see this!!"
 I went up the stairs, looked into David's room, and saw my little Benjamin standing on the bed, holding onto the windowsill, with David's arms there to keep him safe.  (To clarify, Benjamin can't stand up by himself--David put him in that position--but once someone sets him like that, Benjamin can apparently support his weight for a while as he leans against something.  Also, I instructed David in the potential dangers of having a baby by an open window even if there is a screen, so don't worry: we won't be letting Benjamin tumble out of the window!)  :)  Benjamin was pretty proud of his new trick...
...and David was pretty proud of Benjamin.  I know these pictures are dark, but there is a beautiful smile on David's face as he watches his little brother.

I was proud of them both, and grateful for the love that flows between them and between the other members of our family.  I delight in seeing my children rejoice in each other's accomplishments!  :)

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Valerie said...

I love this!

Zion just recently learned how to clap her hands. I LOVED that ALL of my other kids cheered for her! The smiles on their faces - and their eyes - were just as precious to me as Zions little bitty clapping hands. Oh how I love my children!

CUTE pics by the way. :)