Saturday, July 16, 2016

If Your Son Wants to Be a Cowboy...

...and a rodeo comes to town (or to the town south of your town, but close enough), you take your son and go!!

So I did.  :)

I just heard last night that there would be a rodeo tonight in Augusta County, but even though rodeo-going wasn't in my original agenda for this weekend, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to do such a special activity with Tobin.  When I asked at the supper table this evening who wanted to go to the rodeo, not only Tobin but also the rest of the children, except Benjamin, ;-) said they wanted to go, too. Jeff kept Benjamin at home which was a HUGE help, and the rest of us set out.  :)

The horses were gorgeous.  OF COURSE.

 The sky was gorgeous, too, and I kept watching it and taking pictures of it from time to time as it darkened and displayed sunset colors.
 If I had to choose a favorite event, it might have been the barrel racing.  Or the calf roping.  I'm not sure.  Too hard to choose.  :)

The very best part, however, was being with my family while we enjoyed a lovely summer evening and watched talented riders on splendid horses--all while making a memory and encouraging the heart of my little Cowboy Tobin!!  :)

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Carol Slater said...

I love rodeos! I love the horses as well. Being that I am a cowgirl at heart, I pray that your little boy makes a great cowboy!