Sunday, November 6, 2016

Small Town Life {Veterans Day Parade}

It's not our town's biggest parade.  No, that distinction belongs to the Christmas parade, or perhaps to the Independence Day one.

But every November, the Veterans Day parade is held, and I think, again, to myself, "I'm so glad for our small town.  I'm so grateful for our country.  I'm so thankful for those who served in the armed forces and made so many sacrifices for our freedom!"

It is a pleasure to see them ride by, to look in their faces and try to imagine what life was like for them as soldiers, to watch their faces light up during this event that is devoted to them.  It is a joy to honor them!
The weather was gorgeous--couldn't have been prettier this afternoon.

 While we waited, Benjamin and I practiced our selfie skills.  He tries to push the button, and I try to hold the phone far enough away from him that he can't reach it.  ;-)

 Here it comes!

 If Benjamin could talk, he would probably tell you that, hands down, the absolute best part of the parade was the lollipop that a friendly police officer kindly gave him--the first lollipop Benjamin has ever had!  :)

Despite all the current uncertainties, I am certainly glad to live here in this time and place.  A parade like we saw today reminds me what a blessing that is!

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