Friday, November 4, 2016

Her First Few Days Here

We are soaking up the time with Grandma Fisher, enjoying the moments made special by having such a special lady here with us!
She brought us a set of round looms...
...and taught the boys to knit hats on them.
She cuddled with her youngest grandchild...
...who happens to be the second grandson named Benjamin that she has.  My Benjamin's cousin Benjamin is five years old and lives in California, so it doesn't cause too many mix-ups that there are two Benjamins in the family.  But Grandma is the bridge that connects both of them.  :)
When Moriah, who still wasn't feeling totally well today, wanted to play Candy Land this afternoon...
...Grandma Fisher played with her.
And tonight after supper, she suggested that we play Mexican Train Dominoes.

We sure do love having her here!!!  :)

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