Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"I Don't Usually Brag about Myself..."

...Josiah told me earlier today, "but I would really like you to take some pictures and do a post about my Yahtzee score!"  :)
 You see, this morning, he and Grandma Fisher had started the day by playing Yahtzee; and in the course of one game, Josiah got THREE Yahtzees--an unheard of event in our family.  He did well with his other rolls, too, and ended up with a grand total of...can you see it there?  (I realize the name at the top of the paper is Shav, but we reuse those score cards until they're filled up, so it really was Josiah who was playing this morning.)  :)

Now that's a score worth bragging about!!  :)

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Sally said...

Good job, Josiah!