Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Tale of Two Daughters {A Giveaway of Rebekah Bradley's CD}

Moriah was sick today, and so...

Because she was sick, I didn't want to take her out of the house this evening.

Because I didn't want to take her out this evening, I couldn't go to Josiah's speech and debate club meeting like I normally do.

Because I couldn't go to his meeting, I needed someone else to bring him home.

Because I needed someone else to bring him home, I asked my friend Linda Bradley if there was any way she could do it.

She said yes, and she did it, which was a HUGE help; and because I was thinking of my own daughter being sick and then thinking about Linda's daughter, I remembered that months ago, I had bought an extra copy of Linda's daughter's CD and had planned to write a blog post about it and do a giveaway.

Which I had never done.

Well, what can I say?  There's no time like the present!  :)

So, about this CD...  :)
 I really, really, really like it; and I'm not just saying that because I'm friends with Rebekah's mom.  ;-)  Rebekah is truly talented, not only as a singer and pianist but also as a songwriter; I appreciate the fact that out of the 14 songs on this CD, she wrote 10 of them.

Back in June, I got to go to her album release concert; and it was so much fun to hear her perform many of these songs live, especially as she talked about each one and told us the stories behind the songs.

My kids love her music, too; and sometimes we talk about which of her songs is our favorite--a tough choice.  Narrowing it down to just one is too hard; but if I had to choose two, they would be "Mask" and "Fireflies." :)
I encourage you to check out Rebekah's website and her YouTube channel.  If you would like to be entered into the drawing for this free CD, please leave a comment here on this blog post or on my Facebook post about it.  I'll draw a winner on Sunday evening, November 6!  :)

Aren't you glad that Moriah got sick?  Because if my daughter hadn't been under the weather, I wouldn't have been thinking about Linda's daughter and wouldn't have thought to post this giveaway tonight.  So my girl gets sick, and you get the chance at free music!  :)

Hopefully long before we draw the winning name on Sunday evening, Moriah will be feeling much, much better.  And one of you will still get the free music.  :)


Elizabeth said...

Looks like an awesome CD!!! What a fun giveaway :)

Blessings on your your new header by the way!

Emily said...

I only had a chance to listen for a moment or two but she sounds lovely! I am going to listen more on youtube when I have a bit more time.
You have such a lovely family! I love your new picture!

Olivia said...

Not sure if this entry is too late or not, but if not, I'd love to enter for the CD! :) I've listened to bits and pieces from different songs :)

Hope Moriah recovers completely!

~ Olivia