Thursday, November 10, 2016

One More Step away from Babyhood

When Benjamin was born, he had hair.  Oh, not a full head of hair like his big brother Tobin did (who got his first haircut when he was only 18 days old), but a respectable amount.  :)  Somewhere along the line though, Benjamin's newborn hair fell out and--maybe because of all the skin trouble he had, or maybe just because--he ended up being pretty much bald for quite a long time--longer than any of our other kids.

But, as is customary, hair grew--so much so that, by the time Benjamin was 13 and a half months old, he looked like this.
A little shaggy.  :)

Every so often, Jeff would bring up Benjamin's need for a haircut; but Saturday evening, November 5, was when that turned from conversation to action. 
A few last pictures of Benjamin's long hair...

...and then Jeff got out his clippers (the noise of which immediately intrigued Benjamin)...
...and got to work.

Jeff had a larger audience than he normally does for his haircuts.  ;-)

Benjamin did really well...
...occasionally trying to figure out...
...what was going on up there...
...but not crying about it.  :)
Of course, it helped that his beloved daddy was the one doing the job!  :)
David must be related to me, because he immediately got out his phone (*no phone service on it, by the way, but useful for other things*) and started taking pictures of the momentous occasion.  :)

Unlike when Tobin got the haircut that really cut off his long locks, I wasn't particularly emotional and didn't even shed a single tear about this milestone for Benjamin.  Maybe Jeff purposefully waited until I was ready for this?

I'll admit, however, that I do sorta miss his long hair.  ;-)  Oh, I think he looks handsome with a neat, short cut, that's for sure; but I kinda liked his fuzzball look.  ;-)  Benjamin misses it, too, since it is no longer long enough for him to grab hold off and pull.  He is a HUGE fan of pulling hair, as anyone with long(ish) hair who comes near enough to his grasping hands can attest to.

But little by little, he's growing up and leaving babyhood behind.  It is the way things go, after all, whether or not a mother is quite ready for it!


Sally said...

If that is long hair, then...oh my! Never let me know about Paul's by the time I get around to pulling out the clippers!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh. my. darling. boy!! The only thing cuter than a wee boy with some hair is a wee boy with very little hair.

Be still, my heart
A x