Thursday, November 17, 2016

Going Away Is Sweet

We had such a great time when we went to Virginia Beach last month that we decided to go again this month, taking Grandma Fisher with us.  It's always fun to show her a new corner of the world while she's here with us, if we get the chance to slip away for a little while; and since she had never been to Virginia Beach (and since we didn't have time to take a whole lot of time off or go too far away), that destination was a good choice for this visit.  :)
Unlike our October visit, the ocean water was too cold to play in; but we found other fun things to do--soaking in the beautiful sight of the waves, watching dolphins, even some early-morning fishing (for some of our more adventurous members).  ;-)
Yes, going away is very sweet.
So is coming home.  :)  And as long as I get to be with this crew, I'm as happy as a clam to do either.  :)

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Homeschool on the Croft said...

I love seeing Grandma Fisher with y'all. What a joy it must be for her to spend time with your gorgeous crew (oh, and I guess she kinda likes seeing yourself and Jeff too ;) )!
A x