Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sometimes Moriah puts one of her dolls or stuffed animals in Benjamin's swing; and when she does that, I often do a double take as I walk past, seeing something in the swing but not recognizing it as Benjamin.  And then I look again and realize, "Oh, it's just a doll," or whatever, and walk on.

Last evening was a little different.  Benjamin was in the swing, snoozing so peacefully.  I had even turned the swing off, and still he slept on.  Every time I glanced over at him, I thought, "What a doll!  What an adorable, gorgeous, perfect doll!  But he's real, so it's even better than him being a doll!"  :)
I still haven't gotten over the fact that God gave us this amazing child.  Who are we to be so blessed??

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Anonymous said...

He is adorable!!