Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's Red-Dress Sunday!

The first year or two that we did it, I didn't realize it would become a tradition.  But by last year, when I dressed Moriah in a special red dress and took pictures with her while I was wearing my red wool jacket, I knew that we were on a path towards making this special dress-in-red-on-the-Sunday-before-Christmas a yearly event.  :)

Today was the day.  :)

Because her red dress this year was short-sleeved, we added a white sweater to her outfit because, even though it's been unseasonably warm for mid-December, it was still pretty chilly this morning.

Moriah wanted to end with a silly picture, and I didn't mind.  This girl lights up my world and brings such joy to my heart!

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Anonymous said...

Nice tradition!
Merry Christmas!