Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here We Go A-Visiting

'Tis the week, so it would seem, for visiting people.

We're not officially doing school, the extras in our schedule (like choir, gymnastics, swimming lessons, speech & debate club, etc.) are over for the semester, I'm not tackling any huge household projects, and so our time is freed up.  As a result...

...we go places and visit people!

Monday's big outing was a special one.  We had found out, through the police department, about a few families in our area who could use a little extra cheer this Christmas season; and we had the privilege of shopping for one of the families--a fun task!  The things we chose to give them are pictured below...
...all except the things I had to rush to the store last-minute to buy (there had been a mix-up about the age of one of the children--totally my fault--but the very day we were going to pass them out, I discovered that I had bought gifts that weren't suitable for the child, so off to the store my kids and I went to purchase better gifts for him!).  We wrapped the gifts and got excited about giving them...
...and then in the late afternoon, we got to meet up with Santa (and a few police officers who guided the sleigh to the right houses) ;-) to hand out the gifts to "our" family and a couple others.  Besides the joy of giving, the other big thrill involved was that these four boys... to ride in an official police vehicle.  IT WAS AWESOME.  :)

But seriously, it was such a good feeling to see the joy and surprise on the faces of the families we visited; and I'm grateful that my kids were so eager to be a part of this (even when they saw things in the pile of gifts that they really would have liked to keep for themselves!).

The next day was Tuesday; and on that day, I forgot my camera.  :(  But I'll tell you that in the morning, we went to my mom's nursing home and had a lovely time there with her and the other residents.  Josiah, David, and Tobin played some piano pieces, then Josiah and David played their violins while I played Christmas carols on the piano, and we sang.  Meanwhile, Shav and Moriah were their charming selves, and Benjamin captivated one of our favorite residents, Lola.  He was in his car seat the whole time, but she happily bent over him, talking to him and gently touching him, for most of the time we were there.  If I had had my camera, I would have taken a picture of her old, gnarled hands with his fresh, new ones.  'Tis so sweet to mix the ages and let the very old and the very young enjoy each other's presence!

After we left there, we stopped by the home of Harold and Frances, an older couple from our church.  Due to some recent health problems he's been having, he's been in and out of the hospital and nursing home; but joyfully, he is now able to be in his home again.  While he was in the hospital, we visited him there; and when he was in the nursing home, we did the same.  Now the triangle is complete because of our visit to him in his home.  That doesn't mean we'll never visit them again though.  ;-)

That brings us to today, and the big excitement for Josiah and David was that, at long last, they got to see the new Star Wars movie in the theater!  While they were gone with Jeff to that, Tobin, Shav, and Moriah got to go to our friend Sally's house; and my three had a ball playing with her four.  Sally is unfailingly kind and generous, and we have often been the recipient of blessings from her hand; and so it was today.  While those three were with her, I had a (nearly) empty house in which to hear myself think--a rarity for me.  :)  The quiet in the house inspired me to tackle and wipe out my paper pile which had been growing again.  In peace I could make the phone calls, pay the bills, send the emails, find the addresses, save the papers, etc. that I needed to do.  It was luxurious!  :)

After I picked up Tobin, Shav, and Moriah, and Jeff and the older boys had gotten home, I got busy and made some food to take to my niece Sheena who had twin girls about a month ago.  Because we were passing around a little cold when they were born, I had not gotten to see them in person yet, so I was DELIGHTED to get to go and meet them face to face.  They are PRECIOUS.  Moriah thought so, too.  :)

 My dad is ever the doctor.  :)

 Moriah was thrilled to be able to hold one of the babies and is already wondering when we can go back again.  :)
I'm looking forward to that, too!  But tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a day to go stay at cook and savor time with just my little prepare for the festivities.

Because on Friday, the visitors are coming to us!  :)

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