Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Christmas Tradition: Nine Times Strong

 When we first pulled in the lane of the Christmas tree farm back in December of 2007, we couldn't have known how cherished a part of our Christmas celebration that excursion would be.  (We also couldn't have known, as we drove up with only two children in carseats and one inside me, that our family would expand during the next eight years to include six children!)  Now, nine trips later, Christmas wouldn't seem complete without a visit to this farm!  :)

We had beautiful weather for our outing this afternoon, and many of the old traditions still held true: talking about the bear (a dead one) we saw one year at the corner store by the farm, racing up and down the hills, searching all over for the candy cane tree, Jeff carrying the saw and cutting the tree, me taking pictures, getting hot chocolate in the old spring house, choosing an ornament from their tree (one free with each tree purchased, and this year we decided we'll give it to Benjamin), taking a family photo outside the spring house, sucking on candy canes as we drove home with the scent of fresh pine filling our car.

Some things haven't changed.  :)

But here is what was most different this year: our beloved little Benjamin was with us for the first time.  :)  Not that he was thrilled about it.  He basically cried the whole time I was carrying him in the Snugli.  I returned to the van before the others and started nursing him, and then he got happy.  He's such a baby.  ;-)

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As I look through those, I noticed that the blue coat that Tobin wore this year shows up in quite a few of the other years, too--worn by different boys!  :)

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