Friday, December 11, 2015

Like Ice Cream in Laughlin

Years ago, when Jeff and I were in the newlywed stage of our marriage -- a stage which lasted 5 years, by the way :) -- we slipped away from our home in San Diego to escape to a mini-vacation in Laughlin, Nevada.  Why Laughlin?  Because we had never been there, and because where there are casinos, there are also inexpensive hotels and restaurants = a good place for newlyweds without much money.  :)
I don't remember what month of the year it was, but I do remember one thing: IT WAS HOT.  So hot, in fact, that when we had bought ourselves some ice cream and walked out to the parking lot, we could literally see the ice cream melting in front of our eyes.  If ever an occasion called for fast licking to stay on top of melting ice cream, that was it!
I thought of that this morning for a strange reason.  Josiah was being particularly affectionate with Moriah--giving her a piggy-back ride, snuggling with her on the couch, talking silly to her--and then Tobin and Shav came over and wanted in on the affection-fest.  And I?
I melted.
All of a sudden, I was a puddle on the floor, because seeing my children's love for each other is a powerful thing.
It happened just as fast as ice cream melts in Laughlin.  :)

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