Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday {Moriah: During & After a Haircut}


Emily said...

What a sweet sweet girl!

Valerie said...

My jaw dropped! Scrolling through I had so many thoughts. I love that Jeff cut her hair. I cut my kids hair, but I certainly don't have the talent to back it up like he does. :) She looks so happy and excited that her Daddy is doing her hair. I like the boys all gathering to watch. The further down I scrolled I was wondering more and more if it was just going to be a trim or more. Then I saw how much came off!! I love it! I just pinned a few "long bob" hairstyles (with my girls in mind) last night. Now I need to watch youtube to figure out how to do it. Maybe Jeff can do a video for me. ;)

sally said...

Such a cutie! What a big step--especially for you! I know how you had those long braids for so long as a little girl. Moriah's hair will be so much easier to comb now. I think both you and Moriah will love it.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Aww, Davene, I can SO see our elder daughter in these photos. We 'bobbed' her hair too - like Moriah, our Catherine has a hairdressing parent (me!), and I remember the first time we gave her a bob like this.
It. was. sooooo. cute.
Oh dear me ... I'm filling up. Where have the years gone ... this is the daughter who is now just engaged! And this is the mum who is even more desperately hanging onto every precious minute with the children.
Such a sweet wee face you have, Moriah <3
Anne x