Monday, January 5, 2015

A Big Step for My Littlest Scholar

Kindergarten is pretty relaxed here in our homeschool, but I've discovered through the years that all of my children have been thrilled to begin "real" school work when they were this age.  Their enthusiasm for certain kinds of school work noticeably declines as they get older.  ;-)  (And then, being homeschoolers, we have the privilege of trying different things to keep the love of learning--which is the point of education--alive and well.  Sometimes--often?--that means throwing workbooks out the window.)  But for a five-year-old, to sit down with a brand new workbook, a newly-sharpened pencil, and Mom nearby as a teacher/cheerleader, is tremendously exciting.  :)

Such was the case for Shav today.  This afternoon I realized I had some spare time with nothing urgent pressing on my mind.  "Shav," I asked, "would you like to begin your kindergarten math book today?"

He lit up.  :)

Previously we had done some pages in a different numbers book, but this particular math book--the official one--had been sitting on his shelf in our homeschool bookshelf for quite a while, untouched.  We had done other learning activities together during the first half of this school year, but I hadn't been in a rush to start his math book.  I guess I was feeling ambitious today though.  Must be the energy rush that's lingering from the start of a new year!  :)
 The first pages in his book were, of course, completely easy for him, so we went ahead and did five lessons.
 He looks so serious in these pictures!
 But he was happy...
 ...and so was I.  :)
May this be the beginning of a long and happy relationship between Shav and math!  :)

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sally said...

So precious! Rachel Anne is the same way with school books, and anything she thinks is school in general. We gave her a new "school" book for New Year's and she was so excited to start in it yesterday. Of course, the highest exercise in it is tracing letters, but that's all she needs to feel important and grown up and like she's doing school just like her big siblings.