Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not-Quite Wordless Not-Quite-Wednesday {Jed & Willow, Together}

If I had not fallen asleep on the couch last night, I would have posted these pictures as my Wordless Wednesday post and left it at that.  Alas, the combination of warm woodstove and cozy couch on a bitterly cold winter night did me in; and I succumbed to sleep much earlier than I normally do.  When I awoke several hours later, I could have done this post, I suppose; but...well...I didn't.  So be it.  :)

These pictures were from late December, by the way.  We do not, in fact, still have our Christmas tree up.  :)

Also by the way, I am strongly suspecting that Willow is not a mix of Australian Shepherd and Great Dane, as we originally thought.  A search on Google images for that mix doesn't show anything that really looks like her, in my opinion.  But type in "Australian shepherd bluetick coonhound mix" and see what you think.  ;-)

But what do I know?!  :)

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