Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Twins! And Their Baby Sister!

The third week of January was dominated by Josiah's speech and debate tournament; but just before that kicked off, we had the chance to slip over and visit my niece Sheena and her little girls.  If your memory is good, you might recall a picture of her twins hanging out with Benjamin when all of them were just a few months old (found in this post).  It was quite a contrast to see them together now.  :)
 For one thing, in those pictures from the first time Benjamin met the twins, Benjamin is clearly the Big Guy.  Now?  Not so much.  ;-)
 Amya and Aaliyah (who has Down's Syndrome) are both more advanced than he is in large motor skills!
 Oh well.  He's a Fisher.  ;-)
 Besides getting to see the twins again, we were delighted to get to meet their tiny baby sister.
 Angelina Hope was born two days before Christmas...
 ...and is absolutely precious.
 All of my kids I had with me that evening wanted a turn to hold her.
All except Benjamin, that is.  ;-)
 He was happy hanging out with Amya and Aaliyah.  :)
 Hey, don't all look at me when I'm taking your picture, OK?  ;-)
 Sweet little dear one.
 Tobin, Shav, and Moriah had a great time playing with the twins.  :)

 Moriah even managed to lift Amya and swing her around in a circle--under my watchful eye, of course.  I wasn't convinced that Moriah could do it and certainly didn't want Amya to fall!  She didn't.  ;-)

It was so much fun to be with them!  :)

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Bekahcubed said...

How precious. It never fails to delight me how much slightly older children like to "mother" (or "father") their younger friends.