Saturday, January 7, 2017

I'm No Decorator, But...

...if there's one thing I DO know about decorating a home, it's this: do what you love because that's what will make you happy.

So I did.  :)

After I took down our Christmas decorations earlier today, the bare mantel stood there waiting for something to fill it, so I took as a theme the sign that says "All because two people fell in love..." and then rounded up pictures of both sets of my grandparents, a picture of my parents, and a wedding picture of Jeff and I to trace the line of the love stories that have brought us to this day.  If I had had them, I would have included pictures from Jeff's side; and if I had had it, I would have put up a picture of our six children.  Alas, I rarely print out pictures anymore, so I don't have that handy.  Maybe that should be another item on my list of New's Years Resolutions.  ;-)

In the end, I stood back and smiled, grateful for the new look for the mantel--and even more, for the "two people" who fell in love which led to another match and then another match and another and still another until finally, thousands of years after Adam and Eve first fell in love, Jeff and I took that same leap.  :)

Those silver and blue balls remind me of January's colors, all icy and snowy with the light reflecting blue off the blanketed ground as evening approaches.  Of course, the world outside doesn't exactly look like that on this particular day, since there is plenty of green and brown poking through the meager amount of snow we got last night and this morning.  The timing of the snowfall was appropriate, however, since I always bring out my snowman decorations when I put my Christmas ones away; and it's fitting when the weather's behavior matches the sentiment on the center snowman.  :)
I wouldn't win any awards for decorating, but the joy that fills my heart when I look around my home is better than any award anyone else could give me.  :)

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Sally said...

I think you are a wonderful, from-the-heart decorator! It all looks great to me!