Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action!

For all the enjoyment we get out of these little movies, you'd think I'd do this a whole lot more often.  But somehow, as the days go by, I rarely think to pick up the camera/phone and capture these little snippets...and even more rarely, get around to sharing them here.  Part of the latter is due to the fact that I haven't figured out an easy, not-time-consuming way to get videos from my phone or David's phone or whatever device they are on into a blog post.  I feel like it ends up being a multi-step upload, download, sideload, whateverload before I achieve success.  There must be an easier way.

Oh, well, for now, here are a few little pieces of life from the past few months!

On September 15, Benjamin and I were with Josiah at his speech and debate meeting; and while Josiah was in his class, Benjamin and I were hanging out in a nicely-equipped nursery in the church where we meet.  For a number of weeks, this was his favorite activity.  :)

The next two videos are from November 1, and they show, not only what a happy guy Benjamin is, but also his unique way of turning his highchair into a rocking chair!  :)  None of our other babies have ever done this, which just goes to show that "sixth" in the family doesn't mean "duplicate"!  :)

Moriah painted a picture on December 19 and was explaining it to me.

On December 22, Benjamin was scooting around upstairs in my room, being entertained by siblings and also by a musical card.  He has learned how to open and close them to make the music start and stop.

December 27 - Benjamin was sick and was cuddling with Jeff.  Jeff was gently rocking him; and every time he stopped, Benjamin would start to do that motion to make Jeff resume rocking.  Who cares if Daddy's arm gets tired?  :)
January 3 - Benjamin was still sort of sick (seriously, WHY are these germs lingering so long? I think this is the first time he's really been sick, unless I've blocked a former illness out of my memory), and one morning we were cuddling on the couch.  He was playing with another musical card while Moriah, in the background, was "reading" me the Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear book...and occasionally asking me for help when she forgot what came next.  :)
There are more videos I could share--and maybe will someday--but for now, here are some bits and pieces of life that will entertain my kids and I, the next time we sit down to "remember when..."  :)

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