Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We Hid Our Faces and Laughed

Two days ago, Moriah drew a face on the whiteboard with a speech bubble coming out of it, then dictated to me exactly what should be written in it.  She normally writes her own captions, asking me how to spell words like "love" or "Benjamin," but in this case, there were so many words that it seemed best for me to write it.  So I did.

But all the while, I tried to hide the smile creeping onto my face.  

When the boys saw the picture she drew and the words she chose, they weren't quite successful in hiding their grins or in completely muffling their laughter.  To think that those words went with that face was just too much!!
Oh, Moriah, we sure do love you!  And we're grateful for all the laughter you've brought to our family during the past almost-five years.

Even if a little of that laughter has come at your expense!  ;-)

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