Sunday, January 1, 2017

I Thought I Was Done with Christmas

After all the Christmas posts I ended up doing during the past week, I really thought I had said everything that needed to be said about that particular holiday!  But then I was looking through my phone this evening, deleting some pictures, and discovered....more Christmas pictures!

OK, I'll just share this and be done with it.  ;-)

 Benjamin reached the stage of mobility right before we got our Christmas tree, and I wondered at the timing of it.  Would we have to constantly be chasing him away from the tree because he couldn't keep his little hands off the branches, ornaments, or gifts?

As it turned out, he was curious about all of it and would slowly inch his way over to the tree, looking at it with interested eyes.
When there weren't so many presents blocking his way, he was able to reach the bottom branches and the ornaments that were hung there; but that wasn't too concerning because the ornaments in his reach weren't fragile, and he wasn't tugging on the tree, so no danger of it toppling over on him.  ;-)  But when we started putting more and more gifts out, he was intrigued by them and would sometimes reach out and touch them.  A little touch didn't hurt anything; but when he started trying to pull the tissue paper out of the bags, I had to do something!  ;-)  After a mild rebuke, he got the message and really didn't keep repeating his offense.  When he would go over to the tree, he would still sometimes reach out towards the gifts; but often I would catch his eye and he would know that he was treading on thin ice.  ;-)
When he had achieved the ability to scoot, I was afraid that the tree and presents would be a huge magnet for him, necessitating us to be on high alert every time he was in the living room, lest he tear through it all and make a terrible mess.  But as it turned out, he didn't spend as much time there as I thought he might.  After all, there were plenty of other things to explore.

Like the bookshelf across the room with all the plastic containers with LEGO pieces in them!!  ;-)

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