Monday, June 13, 2016

The World Keeps Spinning

This is a 57,000 pound world that my menfolk were able to spin yesterday.  They're stronger than they look.  ;-)
OK, the water pushing up on that globe, elevating it enough to be spinnable, might have helped a little, too.  ;-)

Just like that world, my world keeps spinning, too.  We got back last evening from a homeschool convention in Richmond, just in time for Josiah to turn 14 years old today.  Because he was gone all evening at choir rehearsal, we will celebrate tomorrow.

Tonight my heart and mind feel very full...reflecting on the richness of life.  Recently it seems like all I can do is turn around from one special event or activity, only to find another one approaching at light speed.

Yes, indeed, the world is still spinning.  What a ride!!  :)

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