Monday, June 6, 2016

Since We Were in the Neighborhood... {Visiting Koda!}

I don't get over the mountain to Charlottesville very often, so when I was thinking about our trip there last Saturday to take Jeff's mom to the airport for her flight home to California, I decided to check with my friend Jen to see how close she lives to the airport--and if it wasn't too far, maybe we could stop by?  As it turns out, she lives fairly close to the airport; and she graciously said we were welcome to come.  

I was looking forward to seeing her and her family, of course, but there was another reason for wanting to visit.

His name is Koda.  :)

Jen and her family came to our house on a Sunday in March to choose a puppy, and they selected Koda.  Whatever he did that day to impress them sure paid off because he hit the jackpot when they adopted him!  :)  It is very evident that they are doing a great job of caring for him and training him.  He's a smart boy, and he is thriving there!  :)
It was so much fun to see Koda in his new home and to meet his big "sister" Fiona.  I think she is gorgeous!
 The kids were delighted to see him, and all of us were surprised to see how big he's gotten!

 Koda has a great big wonderful backyard to play in, and he especially likes getting in this kiddie pool that they bought just for him.  :)
 Seeing Steve hold Koda like this...
 ...reminded me of this picture I took almost three months ago.  :)
Koda has grown a little since then.  ;-)
 Seeing Koda's tongue like this...
 ...reminded me of this picture I took of him on February 29 when he was five weeks old.  :)

 While I was soaking in the sight of handsome Koda and enjoying the chance to chat with Jen, Steve was keeping Benjamin entertained.  :)

 His eyes melt me.  :)

After we all had a chance to love on Koda a little, we pulled ourselves away, knowing we had a long drive over the mountain ahead of us; but it was so worth delaying our arrival at home for a while, just so we could see Jen and her family.

Her family that now, happily, includes a handsome brown dog named Koda.  :)

(Thanks, Jen, for letting us come!!!)  :)

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